Saturday, August 15, 2015


Speak to me in the lowest voice you know...
speak to me with your breathing and your heart beating.
Speak to me with your silences, the rhythms of your passive moments, the poetry of your pensive gestures.
The world, as ever, is mad--both crazed and angry--but we need not agree to go along as well. We may resist firmly, without making a scene. We may simply persevere on our gentler paths.
The rest of the world doesn't need to know how it breaks our hearts, how it enrages our compassion, how in our weaker moments it fills us with despair.
It is not for us to solve the problems that bedevil humanity because we already understand that the solution is beyond legislation and the grand machinations of economies, governments, religions and even cultures.
It is up to each of us individually to choose to love, to be loving, to choose compassion, to be compassionate, to choose acceptance and eschew the desire to dominate any other being, to choose elevating everyone we come in contact with if we may, to never put another down or cause them to feel less or subjugated, to choose to be curious rather than afraid, to choose to be receptive rather than closed off.
The human world tends to behave as though such actions are impossible, but in reality, nothing is easier, nothing is more rewarding, and, if we allow it, nothing comes more naturally.
At least to us.
So let us not succumb to the chaos and turmoil, the vitriol and violence, the zealotry of every imaginable kind.
Remain steadfast in your beautiful, generous, loving, creative, redemptive, compassionate and passionate natures.
We are quiet and subtle and I believe we are absolutely more powerful than the ills that beset the world we live in.
Energy is infinite.
Sweet hearts: persevere.