Monday, June 13, 2011

a poem. yes, a poem.


so…there’s nothing.

there’s nothing to it.

sit upon a moment in time & pin it to a thought a process a page a desire another moment….

another moment passing & another & soon all the time in the world becomes no time & you look into your hands & find there’s nothing.

watch your mind wander lonely as Wordsworth’s cloud

attach to…



but Wordsworth’s metaphorical you arrives in a field of floral gold & just like that:

there’s something.

there’s something you’re not going to quite pin down, a thought you can’t quite complete, a process of understanding never fully understood.

you & I are not the question asking we are the intaking thoughtbreaking wave thinking to formulate an answer

some method of response…

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Consideration

There are hollows in bodies, and toughnesses, roughnesses, the scar tissues that develop to fill the empty spaces, to protect what's left,
to smooth over what is traumatized and broken.
Bodies have more than the bound muscles, the jittering tendons, the calcifications,
the inappropriate stockpiles of confused tissue.
They have experiences that take up virtually no space in the physical world of cells, bones, hair, teeth, skin, muscles, organs and brains.
Yet the same process, unexpectedly, applies.
Wherever the body retains its emotions and memories it also develops hollows and holes, protections, accretions, noumenal shields that ultimately help less than they harm, for all the well-intentioned generative energy inspiring them to form.

Wherein we learn how coming to the rescue is ideally the lightest of touches, a most delicate rebalancing.
How to convince the body of this?
That's "accepting the God that you are".
That is a stunningly powerful self-awareness.

But if we are more than an imprisoned consciousness in a body that is more than renegade mitochondria and viral invasions, we ought to convincingly direct the magical processes of this sentient organism in a holistic expression of selfhood that at least accepts when enough is enough and more is too much, is harmful, is self defeating.